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Singula is a first-of-its-kind Learning Mental Health System (LMHS) where we use technology and big data to better  diagnose and treat individuals with anxiety and depression. Moreover, we are challenging the status quo in mental healthcare by building an avenue that connects our clinical research directly to clinical care, while taking a biopsychosocial approach to treating each patient. 

Our LMHS is fueled by two core parts: Singula Clinic where we treat patients according to their dynamic and individualized needs, bridging gaps in clinical care; and a Social Impact Community where we learn from and educate diverse populations in order to demystify and de-stigmatize mental health, fueling Societal Resilience and a more democratized culture of care. 

Singula Institute™ our not-for-profit healthcare management service organization (MSO) provides the operational and data infrastructure to support the Singula Medical, PLLC and Social Impact Community. 


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Our clinical care is delivered with empathy, compassion, and an attentiveness to each individual’s unique biological, psychological, and social characteristics. By undertaking comprehensive clinical evaluations, we tailor personalized interventions and closely track progress, adjusting where needed to provide superior mental health care leading to the best possible outcome for every patient.

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Social stigmas often prevent people from accepting the need for treatment. Our community programs and events are  developed and created around making a positive impact on how society views and engages with mental health treatment. To learn more about upcoming Social Impact Community events, please join Singula in getting involved by donating or joining our newsletter.

The Vision Behind Singula

Our Learning Mental Health System

Our Learning Mental Health System (LMHS) proposes a multi-level collaboration among patients, providers, researchers, and health policymakers within a coordinated and integrated data flow to improve care and deliver individualized treatment for each patient.

Singula’s multi-faceted expert team tackles the societal problem of anxiety and depression head-on through a multi-pronged approach. We put our patients first, delivering precision medicine through a biological, psychological, and social (biopsychosocial) approach. By using technology and machine learning methods we can integrate multiple mental health disciplines and target the patient’s issues more efficiently and effectively. The data acquisition is initiated through multiple patient-clinician interactions providing longitudinal biopsychosocial data to the main clinical research data frame. Patient data is gathered by advanced technology, which is processed in an integrated data inter-frame through multiple encounters by a research team. An evidence repository will provide a continuous flow of information to optimize decision-making on all levels of the LMHS.

Meanwhile, our Social Impact Community uses data-driven educational programs to build societal resilience, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness, increase engagement in mental health care, and promoting mental wellness.

Transforming mental health, one individual at a time

The Vision Behind Singula

Singula transforms the lives of people suffering from anxiety and depression by individualizing diagnostics and treatments. We deliver precision medicine through an innovative learning health system that leverages clinical research and cutting-edge technology.

Through our Learning Health System, clinical care and research, and social impact community, the Singula team is committed to the individualization of diagnosis and treatment for anxiety and depression. Our foundation strives to integrate multiple mental health disciplines for the better delivery of patient care. In turn, this will reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness – the cultivation of a mentally healthy society.

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Your donation has the potential to help us accelerate medical and scientific discovery.

Funding mental health research and clinical care now is crucial to ensure the success of future scientific breakthroughs. Donors are stepping up to support the efforts of the scientific and medical communities as they develop new treatments, cures and methods to treat mental illness.

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We envision a world in which no individual endures needless suffering due to anxiety and depression

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