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Anxiety & Depression

Singula transforms the lives of people suffering from anxiety and depression by individualizing diagnostics and treatments. From illness to remission and relapse prevention, our mission is to introduce a proactive rather than reactive mental health treatment paradigm.

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How Is Depression Defined?

Depression is a widespread mental condition that causes intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness and personal emptiness. It can be brought on by stress, regret, trauma, loss or even a genetic predisposition to developing the disease. People who are suffering from depression often present with chronic fatigue or appetite changes. They may also experience social disassociation in an attempt to isolate themselves from other people. Fortunately, mental health care is available to help people who suffer from depression. But despite the wide availability of treatments, less than half of depression sufferers seek help for their condition.

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that depression is estimated to affect roughly 1 in 10 American adults with 1 in 5 who will suffer during their lifetime? The Centers for Disease Control reports that this mental illness can be found in people of all ages and backgrounds, although it seems to be more prevalent within certain populations. 

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Defining Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are mental health conditions that are often brought on by stress. The term ‘anxiety disorder’ encompasses a number of psychiatric conditions – all of which can cause mental trepidation, dissociative anxiety, and physical symptoms. Many people suffer from anxiety that is unrelated to any specific circumstance or object, but rather produces ongoing symptoms seemingly at random. This is called generalized anxiety disorder and it is the most common type of anxiety disorder in the U.S.

Did you know…

That anxiety is the most common mental illness in America? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects 18 percent of the adult population in the U.S. with 1 in 3 who will suffer during their lifetime. But of the 40 million adults over age 18 who are suffering from anxiety, only about 13 million are actively seeking treatment or being treated for the disorder. By failing to seek treatment, the other 27 million are gambling with their health and putting themselves at risk for developing depression.

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We envision a world in which no individual endures needless suffering due to anxiety and depression.

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