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Thank you for your consideration in working with Singula. We are a New York City-based precision medicine mental health startup looking for creative and highly motivated part-time interns or fellows for 10-15 hours/week on a flexible schedule for a project-based commitment. We would be an especially excellent choice for those who are interested in medicine, entrepreneurship, medtech, healthcare finance, healthcare systems, the non-profit sector and/or development. Below you will find information about Singula and learn about how your involvement will help us realize our vision!

About Singula

Founded in 2018, Singula is a technologically-assisted, precision medicine mental health research clinic and social impact community. Our vision is to transform mental health diagnostics and treatment for each individual. Singula’s innovative model is comprised of our clinical approach, which is based on an integration of psychological and biological models of depression; our clinical research that leverages cutting-edge technology analyzing clinical treatment progress within a closed-loop scientific method to individualize clinical treatment; and our social impact community that will disseminate our research findings to reduce stigma and foster a more mentally healthy society.

Our first large-scale initiative will be to build a bio-behavioral database achieved through enrollment into our clinical research program as well as through collaborations with academic and non-academic clinical institutions. The data obtained from these sources will be analyzed and used to directly inform clinical diagnosis and treatment. Our second initiative will be to change mental health paradigms at a larger population level (rather than limited within our clinic) through collaborations and partnerships with community-based programs and local primary care practices who may be able to benefit from the development of our clinical strategies and interventions.

About the Internship

Currently, Singula is in the process of establishing its initial fundraising and development strategy, along with a strategic business plan to help us launch our innovative clinical research program and clinic. The internship/fellowship will be focused on helping us achieve those objectives through specific projects:


We are looking for individuals that have experience with financial planning, budgeting, strategic planning, project management skills, strong excel skills, strong research and verbal/written communication skills. Additionally, we hope you are also efficient, productive, creative, and flexible. A passion for serving the mental health community is also a plus!


We are based in New York City (Upper East Side). Although much of our work is done remotely and virtually, we prefer individuals who can be physically present in NYC on occasion, as this will be where we will start our clinic. We believe that Singula is an exciting venture and a worthwhile investment that will impact so many others who struggle with Anxiety and Depression. We look forward to having you on board! Please send your resume/CV to:

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